Here’s an edited and download-ready version of what the Ben Seretan Group did on the radio back in June, on WFMU’s Airborne Event. Features Jake Nussbaum, Nico Hedley, and Alex Tatusian. There’s a guided meditation, lots of auxiliary percussion and jingle bells, a 4-minute guitar solo during the last track, electronics freak outs - everything you could ever want in an in-studio. This was so insanely fun, I was jumping around the studio like an idiot. Album art by Alex Tatusian. Buy a copy!


Ben Seretan - "We Could Have a Real Good Time Now"
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"We Could Have a Real Good Time Now" - Ben Seretan


I played a show at Wesleyan University last week. Before the show, my friend and I got a chance to sneak into the campus chapel and play the immaculate pipe organ. Here’s a brief recording of me singing and playing.